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I love the inner spirit that shines through in your music!
Love your lyrics - pointing to the profoundness of the journey
I have been playing drums for 41 years and your songs and music bless me big time. Thanks for using your gift to help wondering souls. I pray great success for you.
nice songs, nice music!
Hi Linda, I am from India & would like to complement you for your Inspirational Songs. I came across your song while searching for "Randy Pausch" who died of pancreatic cancer. My condolences on the death of your father to the similar disease Loved your song Karma - (though its an Indian word & concept) That's something Jesus Christ taught written in the Bible over & again - You reap the seeds you sow. Lovely! Keep up the good work ! Regards Joseph Eapen
Hey Linda - You're amazing! Keep creating. I'll be up for Sarah Lee's wedding at the beginning of June, but I'll be popping in more regularly (I hope) this summer. Look forward to catching up and hanging out. L
wowee..had no idea..even being a fbook friend all this time. YOU are amazing! sososo Proud!
Linda, I had no idea you had this great talent. Remember you from belonging to Mason's Island Yacht Club. Keep me informed about your music. You've got another FAN!!!! Ashley
Linda, I enjoyed listening to your latest music. Looking forward to seeing you next week. Mike
Just another day, just another new raving fan, even way out here in eastern Kansas. And, like most who've already posted, I'm also going to nag you about putting your WAV files to the polystyrene for album #2. You're driving us all "Stir Crazy" by making us wait for so long!
Hi Linda - Don't know if you remember me from Tony's law school days. Lisa Kelly Morgan told me about your website. Your music is beautiful. Say hi to Tony and ask him to shoot me an email. Keep up the beautiful songwriting and singing! David and Jodi Ephraim
Thank you so much for playing at the festival!! I heard your songs from the parking lot and I smiled. I hope Tim had a good time also. Take care Linda...........Vinny
My dear Linda, Thank you. Your testimoney is a gift to me. I am a singer/songwriter and have let my gift sit on a shelf for far too long. I am experiencing re-birth as I realize "I was born for this." I too wrote a song "You don't weep alone." I've ministered the song before my church group and have recorded it but nothing too much more. I would love for you to hear it. Praying for your continued flight as you soar on the wings of faith and obedience to your dynamic call. Love in Christ, Robin G. Tramble -
Dear Linda, CD Baby has compared my music to yours, we must be in good company! You can see about me and hear some of my songs @ Interestingly enough I very much resonate with your bio. I, too, put down music for many years, but picked it up when I realized how stingy I'd been with my gift. Now the songs just keep flowing out, performing is a privilege, and I'm having fun being myself. Thanks for following your dreams. When we are moved it's best to get moving. This is a demonstration for all the beautiful people in the world to step up in their own lives and know the best is yet to come. With Multiple Blessings, Marilyn Gale
Linda, you do your family proud! Thank you for sharing your special talents with the world. Love you.
Congrats Linda! You are an inspiration, and we are all extremely proud of you! Continued success....
I'm so glad that you are sharing your God-given talents with us! When the Holy Spririt leads you to experience life through the window of your soul, miracles happen. Thanks for the joy you give with your music :-)
Great music, so clear, nice to be able to understand the words. Sir Elton has nothing on you.
Your latest news letter says you will soon be performing somewhere. I am looking foreward to hearing you live. I anticipate having a great time listening to some great music. Your next album is also eagerly awaited. Thanks for the music!
Linda, Thank you for your email reply. I've signed up for your news letter and I've been listening to "No Regret." It really is a great album. I'm very glad our mutual friend Tim told me about your music. I can hear some Carole King and Billy Joel influence but I'd much rather listen to your music than that of Elton John! I'm looking foreward to your next release and hoping I can catch a live performance sometime. Roger Sprong 11/18/07
Linda, Thank you for sending "The Way It Is". It's an awesome song. I wish you much continued success with your career. Let us know when your playing in Texas!! Mark
Hi Linda, Please add me your emails. best of luck. Hope to see you soon. -di
Linda, Thanks for singing for us at the R Lazy S ranch this summer. Your music makes a difference to those lucky enough to hear it. It capped off a perfect week! I'm buying your CD today. Alison Levinson Charlotte, NC
To anyone who likes soft rock; music with meaning, a message, a voice different than others, great to put in your car CD player, and trave down the road, linda's CD. The best way to discribe this, is; refreshing. Tim Andrew, Naugatuck, Ct.
lin you have that power to do great things with your beautifull voice its my pleasure to say * YOU GO GIRL* goodluck and GOD bless.
Linda ... as always I am so proud of you and LOVE your idea of creating a song for someone special. Hannah's song was BEAUTIFUL !! Love ya ! Your # 1 FAN and BU roomie !!
I recently just discovered your music and am an instant avid fan. Your words and music have touched a place deep inside of me which has long been dormant. For that, I thank you. I also love to experience music live. I go quite often to coffee shops, clubs, etc to hear artists perform. Since I live in Hoboken, NJ, I frequent Maxwells, go down to the Stone Pony and Saint in Asbury Park and many venues in NYC. So – are you planning on any performances in the upcoming months? I would love the opportunity to hear your passion and emotional soul played live. Thank you again
Hi Linda, I've been trying to E-Mail you to say hello and let you know how excited I am for you. I am anxious you hear more of your music, I am a huge fan. Let me know if you got my other E-mails. Love Katie PS I remember the hair thing- You could have fed a small family on what you put in your hair!
Your new website is just great! Thank you for letting us download your songs, we love them! Long life to your music! Merci encore et à très bientôt!
hi linda! happy new year to you and yours! i know..i know...still not got that letter sorted out as yet, but working on it... warm regards as always, any idears how long befor your 2nd cd will be released?
Hi Linda, I like your new website! Just want to make sure I receive your newsletter always! Thanks again for the great CD, No Regret.
Linda, I happened upon your website. What a marvelous find. The music is great. I wish you the best of luck with your new found endevour.
Linda- Thank you for putting me on your mailing list. I'm so glad I finally got to listen to your music--It's so beautiful!
linda, thanks so much for sharing this with me. i listened to your song and it is amazing! i can't wait to hear more-
Linda, Your bio is truly inspirational. Good luck!